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Volunteer - Intern

I believe that mental health plays a huge role in an individual's overall fulfillment in all areas of their life. A healthy mind encourages a positive outlook on our experiences, situations, and ourselves. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to intern with Freedom Path Counseling and be a part of a team that helps heal, motivate, and inspire people to be proactive in an essential part of self care.


Currently, I am enrolled in my third year at Georgia State University as a Psychology major. I intend to further my studies into graduate school and obtain my PhD in Psychology. My passion for counseling and psychological research drives me to use my knowledge and experiences to help other people. Not only have I dealt with anxiety and depression myself, but I also have close family and friends who do as well. Therefore, I have experienced the effects of mental health issues from both the inside and outside perspective and I know it all too well.


I find purpose in offering a helping hand because I know how it feels to need one. You are not alone. Through struggle comes strength. I am thankful to join Freedom Path Counseling and contribute to such a positive and uplifting environment.