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We offer marriage counseling to help you improve communication, resolve conflict, and experience a more fulfilled relationship. Sometimes, present day pressures combined with past challenges and future worries push marriages into chaos. We desire to help you understand the driving force behind your everyday action and provide a pathway to healing and restoration.

Common concerns in marriage counseling include:​

  • Lack of communication

  • Inability to resolve conflict

  • Parenting challenges

  • Personality clashes

  • Spiritual differences

  • Anger management

  • Finances


At Freedom Path Counseling, it’s our goal to express God’s vision for marriage. Marriage can become a place of love, respect and a tool for growth. This process often comes with inner conflict, struggles with your spouse and eventually understanding of areas that need to be addressed for the betterment of yourself, your partner and your walk with Christ.


Choose to do something powerful for your relationship by starting marriage counseling today!

Marriage Counseling


Counseling for your specific needs


Communication is one of the the most crucial issues in marriage. It’s the most important area for couples to focus on because communication affects everything. Stress, finances, career, kids, etc.—can all be addressed with open, honest communication.

Marriage counseling can help you communicate better by:

  • Developing skills to become an active listener

  • Identifying obstacles to effective communication

  • Managing stress in relationships and emotional responses

  • Learning to express your feelings and needs in a healthy way

  • Understanding and extending grace to your partner

  • Becoming a forgiver to avoid becoming resentful


Most couples have arguments and disagreements from time to time. How disagreements are handled directly influences the impact on your relationship. Healthy couples learn to resolve conflict in a respectful manner, strengthening the relationship along the way.

Learn to resolve conflict by:

  • Listening to understand, instead of responding

  • Developing a plan to take a time-out when emotions are high

  • Seeing your partner as an ally vs. an enemy

  • Effectively communicating your views, desires, and concerns

  • Being open while working together to brainstorm options


Let's be honest, parenting can be hard sometimes. When trouble comes, there is often a lack of peace and stability at home. At Freedom Path Counseling, we are dedicated to helping families come together and experience love, peace, and healing. 

Topic's may include:​

  • Helping with child or teen behavior patterns

  • Academic issues

  • Sibling rivalry concerns

  • Support for substance abuse within the family

  • Direction through troubling seasons such as career changes or moving

  • Resolving blended family issues


Do you sometimes feel like you have nothing in common with your spouse? If so, that can actually be a good thing! William Cowper famously said "Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour." Not only are differences good, they should be celebrated. Couples have the unique opportunity to lean into one another's differences and ultimately grow together.

Grow together by:

  • Learning to see differences as a blessing

  • Developing gratitude for your spouse and the unique qualities in which God gave them

  • Becoming open to trying new things or seeing situations from a different perspective

  • Displaying love and grace when you don't understand a differing view

  •  Embracing the distinctive characteristics each partner brings to the marriage


It's not uncommon for spouses to have differences relating to spiritual matters, even if they are raised with similar religious backgrounds. It's our goal to help unite couples in their faith and help them experience the fullness of their identity in Christ.

Some spiritual topics include:

  • Concept of God

  • Forgiveness

  • Religious traditions

  • Church involvement

  • Tithing


Persistent anger issues can take their toll on any relationship. Oftentimes, those who struggle with anger feel their behavior is reasonable or justified. Instead of owning their anger, they often shift the blame to another person or circumstance. What many don’t realize is that for people with anger issues, the cause of their anger may be something from within rather than caused by external factor.

Unresolved anger leads to all sorts of problems in relationships. Anger issues can have significant effects on a person’s health, relationships, and connection with God. 

Through Christian counseling, you can:

  • Uncover the root issues that are causing your anger

  • Learn to recognize your anger and other emotions before they get our of hand

  • Heal from past hurts that your anger might be masking

  • Learn how to calm yourself when frustrated or angry

  • Discover ways of expressing anger in a healthy, constructive manner

  • Walk through the process of forgiving yourself and others who have hurt you

Imagine a life that is free from uncontrollable anger. We can help you find the peace you and your loved ones desire. If anger has become damaging in your relationships, we can help you work through these issues together.


The topic of finances is often the most dreaded area of discussion among couples. Financial stress is not only personally challenging, but can also lead to increased conflict in relationships.

Common financial concerns in relationships:

  • Different styles of managing money

  • Creating and sticking to a budget

  • Transparency in personal finances and spending habits

  • The role of debt 

  • Planning for the future 

  • Retirement and college savings 

It's important for couples to have the hard conversations around money and learn to manage finances together. Not only will your financial stress decrease as you work together, but you'll also experience less financial conflict in your relationship.

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