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The Freedom Life Equipping program offered is for those who have completed Phase I and Phase II of the Advanced Exchanged Freedom Life Training program.  It is designed to provide the student opportunities to continue their equipping in discipling others through the counseling model (Phase II) practiced at FPC.


This program is designed to allow those students interested in sharing this message to further study topics related to pastoral counseling, as well as, practice learned skills. Some students come to the training to be equipped to serve in the role of pastoral counselor in their home church, community or a counseling ministry.


  • Ethics in Counseling: Parameters, Limitations and Expectations

  • Perspectives on the Origin and Source of Mental Health Issues

  • Attending & Listening Skills

  • Listening Pairs Experiential Part 1

  • Listening Pairs Experiential Part 2

  • Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling

  • Divorce, Remarriage, & Family

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Sexual Abuse 

  • Suicide 


The Freedom Life Equipping Phase is not designed to fully prepare a person to establish a counseling ministry, however it can prepare them to work as a Pastoral Counselor within an established church or organization. In addition, attending this program does not imply that this person is employed by or will be employed at Freedom Path Counseling now or in the future.

As staffing opportunities arise at FPC, we first look to past graduates for a potential fit. Staff members go through additional training based on their level of education and experience which may include: 

  • Suicide assessment and prevention certification

  • State of Georgia mandated reporter training

  • Ongoing counseling supervision and observation

  • Any other training deemed necessary 

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