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What Your Emotions Are Trying to Tell You

Have you ever been told you're an emotional person? Maybe it came from a parent, teacher, or another authority figure in your life. Did their words cause you to consider whether or not that could be true of you? If so, how has that led you to view yourself today?

I find it interesting how often being told we are emotional people leads us to experience.....emotion. In reality, we are all emotional; some of us simply show our emotions outwardly more than others. Even those who would identify as not emotional, still feel, but may not recognize what is going on.

The truth about emotions

Emotions are often indicators of what we believe. They rarely represent facts and often don't lead to truth in our lives. They do however cause a lot of problems when we don't understand how they operate. In a previous post, I explained how our beliefs determine our behavior (actions and reactions). When we don't have clarity in what we believe, we're likely to jump from how we feel to taking action before considering what's actually going on. This is how we find ourselves reacting to life in similar ways even though our actions aren't solving the problem and many times creating new problems along the way.

Let's look at it another way. One of the many dashboard indicators on most modern cars is the check engine symbol. When a problem arises with the engine, the indicator

illuminates and may even beep at you. If you've had this happen, it may have brought on feelings of irritation, frustration, or even anger. Based on how you felt, you could remove the bulb or cover up the light, but that wouldn't solve the problem. The light is simply indicating an engine issue, just as emotions are indicators of belief.

Uncovering our false beliefs is the solution to resolving difficult emotions and changing behavior. It also helps us stop seeing others as the problem and allows for proper emotional regulation.

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